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                      Shanghai Accele-tech was invited to attend the 2017 annual meeting of Shanghai Environmental Protection Association
                      Release time : 2018-08-28Source : Shanghai Ege Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

                      On January 16th, Mr. Zhu Yongqiang, the general manager of Shanghai Accele-tech, was invited to attend the 2017 annual meeting of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry held by Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association -- and the "ultra-low emission" technology exchange meeting, the environmental protection salon of the 16th China Environmental Protection Expo.The participants includes leaders of Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, Product Supervision Department of Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Shanghai Environmental Protection Association, experts and well-known enterprises in the field of environmental protection.

                      The Accele-tech’s biological fluidized bed developed by our company and the Accele-tech’s multiphase catalytic pretreatment reactor were selected as Shanghai environmental protection products and awarded certificates.

                      Leaders of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission and the Product Supervision Department of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau held the opening ceremony for Shanghai Environmental Protection Product Quality Appraisal Department.

                      Our general manager Zhu Yongqiang was hired by Shanghai Environmental Protection Association to be the expert of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association.

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