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                      1. Position
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                      • Sales Manager
                      • 1
                      • 2018-08-29
                      • Apply

                      Work content:
                      1. Responsible for market development, new business development and customer maintenance according to the company's sales strategy, and implement and assist the superior to complete the company's sales target.
                      2. Assist the general manager in planning the market expansion plan and visiting and communicating with important customers.
                      3. Other matters assigned by the superior.

                      job requirements:
                      1. College degree or above in science and engineering, with basic knowledge of chemical industry, environment or engineering, being decent, honest and trustworthy.
                      2, 3 years or more sales experience in the environmental protection industry, full of motivation for sales work, sales performance for the third consecutive year ranked top in the company's sales team.
                      3, have a driver's license and skilled drivers are preferred.

                      • Environmental engineer
                      • 1
                      • 2018-08-29
                      • Apply

                      Work content:
                      1. Responsible for the management of the operation process of the sewage station
                      2, can solve the common faults in the operation of sewage treatment stations
                      3. Responsible for process debugging of sewage treatment facilities
                      4. Responsible for the construction and installation of sewage treatment facilities
                      5. Responsible for the management and communication coordination of the sewage station personnel

                      job requirements:
                      1. Bachelor degree or above, major in environmental engineering, environmental science, water supply and drainage, etc.
                      2. Field experience with more than 3 years sewage treatment project
                      3. Experience with solving practical engineering problems;
                      4. Experience in installation and commissioning of construction sites with environmental protection projects is preferred;
                      5. Have good communication and coordination skills

                      • Craft designer
                      • 1
                      • 2018-08-29
                      • Apply

                      Work content:
                      1. Responsible for the preparation of the wastewater waste gas treatment process plan and plan;
                      2. Responsible for the design of sewage treatment and odor treatment plan, pre-exchange on site, drawing of process flow, writing process plan, drawing PFD and PID diagram;
                      3. Responsible for equipment selection, procurement list determination and procurement technical support;
                      4. Responsible for on-site engineering test, commissioning and construction site coordination;
                      5. Assist the business in technical support such as on-site investigation and technical exchange;
                      6, with good coordination and communication skills, strong teamwork skills, diligent and eager to learn, self-motivated, hard-working

                      job requirements:
                      1. Age 24~40 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in environmental engineering or water supply and drainage;
                      2. More than 3 years experience in wastewater treatment or waste gas treatment engineering design, preparation of skilled technical solutions and drawing of construction drawings;
                      3. Master and be proficient in applying AutoCAD drawing software and Microsoft Office related software;
                      4. Engineers with professional water quality treatment or registered water treatment engineers are preferred;
                      5. Driver's license is preferred.

                      • Wastewater treatment plant operation and maintenance custody project manager
                      • 1
                      • 2018-08-29
                      • Apply

                      Work content:
                      1. Responsible for the construction, installation and commissioning of the management project
                      2. Responsible for solving problems during construction, installation and commissioning and operation
                      3. Responsible for coordinating communication with the owner during project implementation
                      4. Responsible for the management and assessment of project team personnel
                      5. Preparation of sewage treatment process regulations and preparation of project completion acceptance report

                      job requirements:
                      1. More than 3 years experience in environmental engineering project management
                      2. Familiar with the treatment process of various wastewaters, practical experience with project commissioning is preferred
                      3. Have strong coordination ability and be able to handle on-site emergencies at any time
                      4. Work positively, work with principles and principles, and have a good team spirit

                      • Environmental third-party supervision project engineer
                      • 1
                      • 2018-08-29
                      • Apply

                      Work content:
                      1. Responsible for environmental inspections of the park enterprises under supervision (including on-site inspection, sampling and inspection, and on-site recording of sewage stations)
                      2. Responsible for the detection and recording of on-site VOC
                      3. Responsible for coordination and communication with the environmental protection person in charge of the company
                      4. Responsible for the preparation of weekly work plan and work summary
                      5. Responsible for reporting to the environmental protection person in charge of the park

                      job requirements:
                      1. Have more than 2 years of experience in the actual operation of sewage treatment stations, familiar with a variety of wastewater treatment processes
                      2. Through the monitoring data of the sewage station and the on-site operation, it is possible to analyze the problems existing in the sewage station and give recommendations.
                      3. Strong communication skills, proficient in office software such as OFFICE
                      4. Drivers and skilled drivers are preferred

                      • R&D laboratory assistant
                      • 1
                      • 2018-08-29
                      • Apply

                      Work content:
                      1. Strong experimental ability
                      2. Participate in the testing, analysis and testing of the company's internal wastewater, and be responsible for the analysis and statistical work of the data.
                      3. Operation of conventional water quality analysis instruments (spectrophotometer, turbidimeter, biological microscope, etc.)
                      4. Routine maintenance of the company's internal laboratory instruments

                      job requirements:
                      College degree or above; major in environment, chemical engineering, biology, etc.

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